Can I Hire Someone to Rewrite My Essay?

Can I hire someone to rewrite my essay?

Whether you’re in school or taking part in some essay writing activity, it is common to delegate some of these writing tasks. Even the best professors usually seek assistance.

It’s not that people are incapable of writing their own essays, but time restrictions and other obligations could play a major part in how much writing help we need.

Can you hire someone to rewrite your essay?

That is the critical question we want to cover in this short article. We hope to give a concise and relevant answer that will help you to navigate through these thoughts.

Can I Hire Someone to Rewrite an Essay?

Yes, you can hire someone to rewrite an essay for you as long as they are qualified and do not keep the text plagiarized. Rewriters can do great when given full instructions and motivated by a little bit of good pay.

One thing you need to understand is that rewriting is not like working on a paper from scratch because you do not need to pick on a topic.

Having all that in mind, rewriting an essay still requires effort just like writing a paper from the beginning since every single sentence needs to be read and reworded.

A good rewriter needs to keep the following factors in mind:

  1. The context of the paper is being rewritten.
  2. Appropriate academic language relevant to the subject area.
  3. Length of the original paper and the rewritten essay to match.
  4. The number of paragraphs and sentences in the essay should not match perfectly but they should be close to the original text. You cannot have a 3-paragraph essay reworded into a 10-paragraph length.
  5. Deadline for the essay to rewrite.

Does that mean rewriting costs more?

A rewriting service should cost less than actual writing. The price ranges from one cent to a dollar per word. Depending on how much your essay is rewritten, the charges incurred will be affordable for standard services. Also, more technical subjects will require expertise to reword and could cost up to $1 per word for premium rewriting.

The answer should be straightforward.

No, rewriting will not cost more. However, the amount of effort that goes into rewriting a quality paper is almost the same as that that goes into writing from scratch.

When to not hire someone to rewrite your essay

There are instances when you want to stay away from hiring a rewriter. The following are some of these moments when to stay away:

  1. The writer does not have enough experience in essay paraphrasing.
  2. Rewriting service charges too much for no key reason.
  3. The essay length is less than 100 words.
  4. When they cannot guarantee you 100% similarity.

How to hire someone to rewrite your essay

A few things to look for when you want to delegate the rewriting process to someone else matter. We listed some of the main ones here to help you make the final decision.

  • Your privacy – a rewriter should keep their service professional and avoid taking away your privacy.
  • Qualification – some rewriters do not have the right qualification to paraphrase a grade 12 level paper.
  • Speed and efficiency of rewriting – the faster the rewording process can be done, the more time you’ll have to go through it and request a revision.
  • Reliability – is the rewriter accessible whenever you want them? Some of them go missing after doing a poor job. Avoid such writers who will not be available for you a second after submitting the first rephrased essay.

The problems listed above have no room in our rewriting service. If you need help, please order with us today.

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